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50 pound ling and 28 pound lumb! Skarnsundet!

Hey Yet another week over with here and now we are already for another 36 people to arrive tday! Last week I had a group of 4 Swedish lads here after reading one of the articles the lads were keen to try out some of my deep water marks in search of the Ling and [...]

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Skarnsundet Fjordsenter

Hello After another busy week with 36 guys from Holland I managed to get Gerrit and Peters pictures from them! The Dutch group had a fantastic week, both with the weather (upto 30 degrees) and the fishing! We had countless cod over 20 pounds, coalfish to 20 pounds, 2 halibuts, haddocks, Pollock, redbass, spurdogs and [...]

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50 pound ling at Skarnsundet!!

Hi everyone Lastnight my friend and I went to fish for the red bass on a local reef, which I know just 5 min from Skarnsundet! The idea was to fish the last hour of the ebb and fist 2 hours of the flood! Short session but usually does the trick! Gear considred of heavy [...]

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Scotch lads in SKarnsundet!!

Hi everyone Had Bill and Davie over this week from Scotland, its there second visit to Skarnsundet and there best trip so far!!  I took the lads out on there first night here to show them some new marks that id descoverd! The cod were coming thick and fast with an average good size and [...]

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36 pound Ling lastnight (Skarnsundet)

Hey Seemed perfect lastnight for a crack at a ling. Not been going out to try for them just lately! I fished one of my regular marks which is only 10min from Skarnsundet as is fairly snag free! I used very simple technique, a baited 600g pirk with a Mackeral head!! he fish took at [...]

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Shad fishing in norway(with vid) Skarnsundet

Fishing with small plastic baits is one of the most interesting and versatile forms of fishing that an angler can enjoy, the use of light equipment, fine braids and small plastic baits all adds to the enjoyment! I use a 10ft heavy spinning rod with a 5000 style fixed spool reel. The reel is loaded [...]

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Spring shore fishing at Skarnsundet!!

The spring has finaly arrived after a long, busy and cold winter its finaly time to get the lighter gear out and get catching diffrenet species!! Each year at this time I get a group of lads from Bristol who enjoy the spring fishing in Skarnsundet! The lads always spend a couple of days chasing [...]

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Descovering the depths at Skarnsundet

Deep sea fishing Techniques for ling Hello everyone, hope you all enjoy this small article Having the ability to pick and choose your fishing trips is a great advantage especially when you’re trying to target specific species! Having your own boat, not having to rely on a certain skipper, choosing your own crew and catching [...]

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Ice fishing In Norway at Skarnsundet with my guests!!!!

Hi everyone, Just wanted to share with you guys the fantastic exsperience we all had ice fishing last week!!! The ice is only a 20 min drive from Skarnsundet fjordsentre and its one of the most exciting fishing exsperiences you can have, catching quality size fish on a 2ft rod!! It was great!! There was [...]

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Shore Fishing Around The Fjords Of Skarnsundet

Hi everyone Another group of guests came to skarnsundet to try out the shore fishing this week, 4 lads from the North east and 4 from the south! Intresting week with fresh lug and ragdoing the buisness for the codling and the bluey still attracting the bigger fish! I think the best 2 marks of [...]