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Winter Shore Fishing In Northern Norway

Last week Tackle Box Holidays had our 1st group of Welsh fishermen and welcomed them to our lovely camp in Andorja , Northern Norway. Andorja is an island, sitting in a perfect position amongst some of Norway’s most spectacular scenery, including the highest island mountains in Scandinavia. The intention was to explore the shore fishing [...]

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25 pound 6oz cod, shad fishing special! Shorefishing Norway, Skarnsundet!!

Hi Having the ability to be adaptable as a shore angler is always going to give you the best chance to catch the fish that are infront of you!! This was proved lastweek when 3 lads from Bristol came to Skarnsundet with the main aim of shad fishing! The lads have been over before fishing [...]

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A Hard Weeks Sea Angling On The Norwegian Coast

Hey As everyone knows who reads these blogs they are a real view of my seasons fishing, which I think thats what makes them a good read! Most weeks we have fantastic fishing which makes the blogs a joy to write, this week has been different! With 2 groups of guests in, storms, gales, High [...]

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More Cod From The Fjords Of Norway

Hello Weve had a fantastics weeks fishing again in Skarnsundet, with 2 groups coming this week, one from the North and the other from the south!! The lads from Bristol came on Thursday till Tueasday, the fist session saw James take a nice double from the point! The cod are in fantastic condition! Stu with [...]

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Lumb Fishing In The Norwegian Fjords

Hi everyone Over the past couple of weeks Ive been trying to fish new marks, which hold other species such as Lumb, ling, hake and who knows what else! This particular mark is 180m deep with an 80m cast! Its realy intresting marks such as these because you never realy know, my 80 pound ling [...]


Shore fishing Norway, 1st group of the year, Skarnsundet!!

Hello everyone Had my first group of the new year in this week, 7 lads from Yorkshire, fantastic fishing with some great laughs!! Gilly got in first with a nice cod from the pier on the first night! With the average temps at a sweltering -3, crystal clear waters and sunny days we decided to [...]

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A 23 and half pound Norway Cod, shore fishing at Skarnsundet!!

Hello everyone This week saw 10 lads from the North of England and 1 from Yorkshire come to experience the fishing in Skarnsundet! 4of the lads had visited me last year for a week and the other lads were all well experienced anglers! The week started of Cold with temps to -18!! Yet again the [...]

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A couple of sessions with no guests at Skarnsundet!!

Hi everyone This week with the bad weather in the Big Uk my group from the North of England had there flights cancelled (Gutted) They managed to get sorted out with some new flights for next week so all is not lost!! On the upside thou it gave me the chance to get out and [...]

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Shore fishing at Skarnsundet, a 21 pounder and 12 doubles for the Donny boys

Hello everyone We have had a fantastic 5 days shore fishing at skarnsundet this week with a 21 pounder from the pier and 12 other double figure cod for the 5 lads from Doncaster!! The week started with fishing the landing on the first night, with plenty of good sized haddocks to 5 pound, whiting [...]


Shore fishing at skarnsundet, 21 pound cod for the Yorkshire lads!!

Hello 5th group of the season came on Thursday afternoon! 3 lads from East Yorkshire, Ricky, George and George! With the - temps starting last week it usually a good sign that the doubles are on there way in to the shore!! The first couple of days were spent geting the lads some species such [...]