Digital Hanging Scale 660 LB 300 KG – Professional Heavy Duty Waterproof Fish Scale – Portable Durable Crane Scale for Luggage Weight Suitcase Hunting Farm Bike Bow Fish Weight Fishing Scale


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  • Wide Range Of Uses – Portable Versatile Force gauge compound bow tension draw weigh home garage fishing hunting farming postal shipping. Kgs lbs newtons hold modes. Handheld hard hooks. This scale can be a great gift for father’s day or dad’s birthday. Perfect for weighing Luggage before travel
  • Easy To Use And Handle – Insert batteries set up pound – kg hang the hook. Balance crane scale weights animals – pig hog deer buck fishes over 50lb 100lb 600lb (game animal).
  • High Precision Weight Sensors – 1 to 50 200 400 600 660 lb (1kg – 300kg) measuring ability. Calibrated accuracy of electronic scales. Can pull max of 660lbs load. Graduation increments of 0.2lb or 0.1kg.
  • Quality & Durability – Same standard of mechanical spring scale. Heavy duty plastic certified case. This super tool pulls mini trailer of pet or livestock feed for professional farming fishing packages luggage furniture.
  • Modern Step Lifetime Guarantee – 2-inch long lcd LED light display with visual distance of over 10 meters big number screen and battery power. Weighing capacity to carry most of your farm hunt scientific industry needs.