100Pcs PVA Bags 2 * 4 inch Carp Fishing Bags, Bait Storage Bags Water Soluble Bag Fast Dissolve Carp Fishing Kit Tackle Accessories for Solid Bait Fishing




  • 100Pcs 2inch * 4inch PVA Bags Carp Fishing Bags Water Soluble Bait Storage Bags Fast Dissolve Boilie Rig Carp Fishing Kit Tackle Accessories for Solid Bait Fishing
  • 【Size of Pva Carp Fishing Bags】Width 5cm Length 10cm. 100pcs pva fishing bags per pack.
  • 【Quick Dissolve Pva Carp Fishing Bags】Our carp fishing bag is the perfect solution without residue for all fishing environments. It dissolves effortlessly in cold water including ice water in a short time. Ideal for carp fishing all year round.
  • 【Simplify your fishing routine with our Pva Carp Fishing Bags】1) Fill it with bait 2) toss it in the water 3) the pva bag breaks 4) disperses the bait. With a convenient design for easy fill and release you’ll enjoy hassle-free fishing every time.
  • 【Pva Carp Fishing Bags to Refine your Angling Skills】Expertly crafted bait with low moisture content for maximum effectiveness Enhance sinking rate by releasing trapped air or adding a small stone to the bait bag.