75 PCS Fishing Lure Wire Trace Anti-bite Fishing Line Wire Leader with Rolling Swivels and Snap,Stainless Steel Pike Fishing Tackle Fishing Wire Leaders,for Pike,Zander,Perch.16/21/26cm(Black)


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  • Material: Fishing Wire Trace made of high-strength high-quality stainless steel the fishing line is wrapped around the end sturdy and durable extremely resistant to abrasion and can withstand sharper and stronger fish teeth.
  • Hide the main line reduce the alertness of the fish and attract more fish. At the same time a connection is established between the fishing line and the hook to prevent the main line from hitting obstacles and breaking
  • The package contains 75fishing wire trace. fishing wire trace 3 different sizes : 15cm 21cm and 26cm. There are 20 pieces in each size. You can use the specifications that suit the actual situation according to the fishing situation.
  • Our fishing line can act as a buffer to compensate for the instantaneous pulling force that may be generated after catching a fish.Used for Pike Zander Perch.
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