Alwonder 6 x Helicopter Rigs 78/75cm for Carp Fishing Rigs Pre-rigged Anti Tangle Chod Rigs Set up Carp Fishing Tackle Accessories for Long Casts and Weedy or Silty Bottoms


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  • ANTI-TANGLE: From the rotational movement of the hooklink around the leader when the rig is cast out. Its spinning motion gives the set-up anti-tangle properties the hooklink is stretched out and cannot wrap itself around the leader.
  • Aerodynamic Design: Having the lead weight on the end of the line makes the presentation a great choice when long casts are required. By adjusting the position of the top bead ensure that your hooklink is presented effectively over almost any type of lakebed.
  • Overcoming Weeds and Silt: When carp fishing in lakes with weedy or silty bottoms. If rigged correctly it can prevent your hookbait from sinking into the weed or silt and give you the perfect presentation that no carp will be able to resist!
  • Pretty Simple and Straightforward: We have most of it ready to go you just need to finish the final touches. All you need is adding a carp lead Carp Hooks and your Baits. This type of setup is best used on soft lakebeds or over weed or silt. For example making various types of rigs: THE CHOD RIG BOTTOM BAIT RIG FAKE CORN RIG.
  • Trusted Carp Fishing Rigs:If the venue you are fishing in includes any of the above-mentioned bottom types especially if there is deep and very soft silt or thick weed present the helicopter rig is definitely your best choice. Whether Silt Weed Debris (Branches Roots Tree Leaves)