Berkley Flex SS Monofilament Feeder Fishing lines – Strong, Low Memory, Easy to Knot, Abrasion Resistance, Sinking – Perfect for the swim feeder angler!


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  • Great Strength – The line is made of strong monofilament perfect when feeder fishing where long casts with a heavy swim feeder are required.
  • Low Memory – The line has a low memory which means this fishing line will sit well on the spool of the reel. Low memory also causes less kinks and will reduce the opportunity for tangles to occur on the top guide.
  • Abrasion Resistance – The line is made of high abrasion resistant monofilament. This is great when feeder fishing close to obstacles with the possibility of the line getting snapped. With this line you have better protection against these obstacles.
  • Invisibility – Due to the line’s clear design it is almost invisible under water. This is great to trick even the most cautious fish as they could spot a more obvious line.
  • Available in 300m spools in five different diameters: 0.16mm (5lb) 0.18mm (6lb) 0.20mm (7lb) 0.22mm (8lb) and 0.25mm (11lb) in color Dark Brown. Choose the line that fits the condition you’re fishing in.