Berkley Sick Braid – 8 Strands Braided Fishing Line, Super Smooth 8 carrier Multifilament PE Braid Predator Fishing Lines 150/300m For Freshwater and Saltwater Sea Fishing


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  • Zero stretch means exceptional sensitivity thanks to the low stretch characteristics of the line it instantly transfers strikes nibbles of cautious fish but also information about the bottom structure. Super smooth high performance braids with low stretch and high knot strength offer many advantages to catch more fish in challenging fishing environments.
  • Superior Knot Strength – 8 carrier or 8 strand braided PE lines like the Sick braid from Berkley ensure a rock solid and secure knot. You can use any braid-ready fishing knot of your preference like a grinner knot or a clinch knot. The combination of high performance HMWPE fiber and very tight weave technology makes this braided line super strong at even the smaller diameters.
  • High Performance and Long Distance Casting – Sick lines are coated with a proprietary nano-coating of a highly durable microcrystalline polymer. This high-tech membrane treatment offers great high abrasion resistance and extreme smoothness that reduces the friction between the line and the rod guides for further casting. It makes less sound cuts thru vegetation easier and reduces the chance of wind knots.
  • Strong on small diameters High density weave technology offers strong but thin diameter lines with nearly zero water absorption. This reduces the resistance in the water and the weight of the line when casting. Thanks to the high tensile strength and surface treatment you can downsize in diameter without sacrificing strength.
  • Multi purpose Braided fishing lines designed for spinning for predators like pike perch zander and trout. It is also an extremely good sea fishing line to target species like sea bass with. Ideal for active fishing techniques where you need a strong fishing line such as casting with fishing lures.