C100AE 3pcs 4-inch Fishing Nets for Ponds Small Fish Nets for Tanks Aquarium Net Fine Mesh Pond Nets for Cleaning,with Long Handle 25cm for Betta Fish Tanks and Shrimp,Green.


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  • 【High Quality Material】fish pond net is soft impact resistant and light weight. The handle is plastic-coated non-slip and durable making it more comfortable to hold.
  • 【Long enough handle】The no-slip handle of aquarium fish net is up to 25cm (12inch). Long handle makes it so effective for reaching corners and deep edges of fish tank without wetting your hands.
  • 【Fine Mesh】Fishing net for pool It is safe to transfer delicate small fish shrimps and it also can remove the small debris or leaves from the water easily.
  • 【Easy Storage】Fishing net for hot tub The round ring at the end of the handle is designed for hanging. Hang them on the wall whenever you’re not using them saving much storage space.
  • 【Size】Fishing net measures 10 x 8cm (L X W) 25cm Handle