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  • 【Perfect Combination】Carp Fishing Rigs Kit has a complete fishing leader line 5 Extender boilie bait stops and sinker. Easy to use for quick setup and works great
  • 【Strong Braid Line】Carp Rigs Fishing tied with handmade braid thread line which is resistant to breakage durable and strong in load-bearing capacity Length: 7.1inchTest: 15lb-30lb
  • 【Durable Sharp Hook】Hair rigs finished with High carbon steel sharp carp curved shank barb hooks the sharp hooks usually hold safely in the lip of the fish. This makes it difficult for the fish to spit the hook
  • 【Flat Pear Sinker】Convenient for long-range shooting it can easily drop into the water and even fall to the bottom of the lake! It easily crosses obstacles to meet the fishing needs of anglers in any water
  • 【 Freshwater & Saltwater】Carp Bait Rigs Kit is Ideal for using in freshwater & saltwater carp fishing jigging boilie fishing etc